Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 1 (Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire)

Protagonists: Sam, Dean, Castiel

Major Antagonists: Amara(The Darkness), Crowley

FEATURED CREATURES: Celestial Being, Angel, Corrupted/Altered Human, Demon

Over Plot: Sam and Dean deal with the Darkness being released

Major Character Deaths: None

Minor Deaths: family of 3 dead in car, 6 found dead at hospital, 3 swingers killed by Crowley, Crowley temporary host

Notes: 3 infected road crew found dead, infected guy shot by cop, infected dies on his own, Sam kills an infected and is infected, Mike the infected dies. It is safe to assume that Crowley kills the temporary host he takes even though we don’t see it on screen as we never see her again. While everyone at the hospital is killed, no numbers are given and it is impossible to determine any information for a guess.

Episode Bystander Kill Count: 13 humans

Killed/Destroyed/Banished Count: 7 Corrupted/Altered Humans