Supernatural, Season 4, Episode 22 (Lucifer Rising)

Protagonists: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck/God

Major Antagonists: Ruby, Zachariah, Azazel, Lilith

FEATURED CREATURES: Demon, Angel, Celestial Being

Over Plot: Sam and Dean stop Lilith and prevent Lucifer walking free

Major Character Deaths: Ruby, Lilith

Minor Deaths: 8 nuns in 1972, security guard, 9 demon hosts, Lilith’s host

Notes: Lilith’s chef is killed by Ruby and Sam, Sam takes out 8 demons in the hall with no effort, Sam kills Lilith and Lucifer is freed, Dean Kills Ruby(her host was already dead)

Episode Bystander Kill Count: 19 humans

Killed/Destroyed/Banished Count: 10 Demons