Avengers: Infinity War

At the beginning of the movie we see the carnage on the Asgardian ship. These deaths occurred before the movie actually starts, so do not count for this death tally.

1:46 Glaive stabs a guy

5:52 Heimdall killed by Thanos

9:09 Loki killed by Thanos

42:45 This is a memory sequence for Gamora relating to the deaths of half her planet’s population. As it is memory and not flashback, the deaths do not count.

1:02:18 Ebon Maw killed by Iron Man

1:17:31 Nebula kills a guard

1:29:50 Nebula killed by Thanos? Considering she comes back later in the film probably not, but then again, Banner is phased into a mountain later in the Hulkbuster armor and just appears outside of it uninjured and with not damage to the armor, so …. who knows?

1:33:53 A drop ship impacts the shield over Wakanda (No way to really calculate capacity)

1:38:00 Exposition reveals Cull Obsidian died off screen after the earlier encounter

1:39:17 This is where the first of the major battle scenes starts. It is literally impossible to count the complete number of deaths, but we can count what we see on screen…. Kind of. Until the end of this scene at (1:41:39) 82 monsters die. Unfortunately this is where we get more of a distance aerial view of the battle where we cannot pick individual kills out with any ease.

1:41:50 Cap beats an alien to death

1:44:33 Back to the battle, Banner tramples 8 aliens in the Hulkbuster

1:44:42 Winter soldier stabs one then Cap and Panther get 6

1:44:46 War machine blows up about 30

1:45:00 Cap stabs one with his pointy shield 

1:45:15 Thor teleports in and kills what looks like another 7 or so on impact then throws Stormbreaker to kill another 41 then lighting explodes another 31 at the end of this sequence 1:45:57

1:53:12 Battle sequence in Wakanda continues as Supergiant kills a Wakandan, Rocket and Winter shoot 19 aliens, Thor gets 5, Milaje get 2, Groot gets 3 goes through about 1:54:06

1:54:18 Saws come under the shields and take out 82 of their own it then comes forward to get another 21 in the third surge 10 more aliens are gotten as well as 6 Wakandans, the perspective then shifts and it is not possible to see exactly how many troops they kill as it is very zoomed out

1:54:39 A guy gets run over then Black Widow and Okoye team up to kill one right before the blades run over another 45 guys

1:54:55 Scarlet Witch uses the blades to kill 113 more aliens

1:55:10 Glaive kills a guard then another

1:57:22 Supergiant is killed

1:58:14 Scarlet Witch throws Proxima into the saw

1:58:37 Glaive killed by Vision

2:04:01 M’Baku kills another alien

2:04:10 Thor electrocutes 15 aliens and takes out a big ship

2:08:30 Wanda kills the Vision

2:09:55 Thanos kills the Vision after rewinding time to reconstitute him

2:11:12 The snap kills half of everything though it takes a minute or two to play out and this is where we get into the difficult math. In 2018 the population of earth was 7.594 billion according to a quick census search, so that means 3.797 billion killed on earth, but we also have to take into account planets and locations that we have also encountered in the MCU movies to this point. I would normally say that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should count too, but I seem to remember that Fiege said it wasn’t part of the movie canon. Earlier in the movie we see Berhart, but it seems uninhabited. We are introduced to Xandar in the Guardians film and we know that before the movie Thanos already visited and destroyed half their population. There is only one reference I can find for the population of Xandar and it is a wiki, so should be maybe taken with a grain of salt, but it lists a population of 12 billion.  This seems essentially right for a civilization that advanced and means they would have been reduced to 6 billion before the movie and thus would lose only another 3 billion after the snap. In the same movie we are introduced to the Kree. This one is a little tricky, as the Kree are a massive empire in the comics and likely in the MCU. We, however, do not know the planets that consist of the MCU version of their empire. What we do know is that Hala is the homeworld and in the Annihilation Event (issue 3 I think), the 616 the population is established as 7,052,004,624. We can safely assume that the MCU variant would have a nearly identical population. We are introduced to the Kyln in Guardians as well. Unfortunately, we can’t really gauge this population as any notes that I am likely to find will reflect the 616 version of it which is drastically different, so we will ignore it for now. We are introduced to Morag in Guardians. It appears empty. We are introduced to Knowwhere as well in Guardians and see it in this film. It appears empty by the time of the snap.  As far as I can tell, this only leaves Sakaar which we are introduced to in Ragnarok. I cannot find any reasonable population numbers for this planet and Sakaar research suffers the same problems as Xandar as the 616 version is very different from the films. We do not have enough information to give an estimate of any kind so we will exclude it. We learn about the Skrulls’ existence in Captain Marvel. They, like the Kree, have a large empire and we are not told the actual population as it exists in the MCU (or in 616 for that matter). We do know in the 616 that Tarnax is the homeworld (Tarnax 2 or 4 depending on when you are reading) but we do not have a reliable population count for it. Finally, before we subtotal, it is important to note that the final death tally for this movie will likely change over time as the MCU is expanded and new alien races are revealed. So subtotal from the snap is 10,323,002,312


Total: 547

Total with Snap: 10,323,002,859


Joblo’s count is significantly lower because it does not factor in the snap, but it does factor in deaths that happened before the movie began, a memory and a few other differences where his counts were a little higher than they should have been.

This count ‘Every Death’ also does not factor in the snap but pre snap doubles my kill count. Like Joblo, this count includes deaths from a memory. It also estimates totals for the body count on destroyed ships that could not really be estimated.

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