Season 1: Episode 16

In response to a forum request, we delve into our histories with comic books, and the impact they had on our pop culture experience.

Season 1: Episode 15

Join us as we take a walk down memory lane, through each of our top 10 favorite TV shows. That we came up with in an hour.

This episode does contain minor spoilers for recent seasons of currently running shows.

Season 1: Episode 14

Here, we review the blockbuster event that everyone watching the MCU has been waiting for since the end of the first Iron Man movie. We take on The Avengers: Infinity War, and quicker than a snap of our fingers, we’ll render judgement on the film! (Well maybe not that quick!)

This review definitely contains spoilers!

Season 1: Episode 13

This episode was originally going to be released as the 4th in the series; however, plans changed – and so we bring it to you now. This time, we discuss our top 10 favorite bands either comprised entirely of, or led by, women.

Season 1: Episode 12

Today, we sit down with Matt Traughber and Tyler Frazee, the owners of Vintage Phoenix, Bloomington’s ‘premier comic book emporium’ (our phrase, not theirs). Among other subjects, we discuss the business of running a comic book shop and how the comics industry has changed over the years.

Season 1: Episode 11

Join us in this episode as we have the privilege of speaking with Andrew Graham, a 35-year veteran sports reporter with the Herald Times (Bloomington, Indiana). Currently associated with the IU Athletics Media Relations Department, he regales us with some truly wonderful stories throughout his career thus far.

Season 1: Episode 10

Join us as we delve into the latest Marvel movie offered up by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Will this movie help grow the audience, or will it shrink into obscurity?

Season 1: Episode 9

In this episode: We discuss our reactions to having just watched Justice League in the theater. As a note, this was the first movie review we recorded, and predates the implementation of our grading system. I believe, after you listen, you will easily figure out what grade we gave it. This episode is spoiler-heavy!

Season 1: Episode 8

We share highlights of several of the concerts that we have each attended over the years. Some high, some low, all interesting – We hope!

Season 1: Episode 7

Is Matthew Broderick a genius actor, or an overrated thespian? Join us as we each try to convince the other that we are right!

Season 1: Episode 6

Join us for an experiment! We gave each other a CD from one of our own personal favorite bands that the other person had not heard before. Did Candlebox or Gwar find a new fan? Listen and find out!

Season 1: Episode 5

Today, we sit down with David Kubiak, the owner of The Bluebird (downtown Bloomington, Indiana), and get a little ‘slice of life’ from the perspective of a club owner.

Season 1: Episode 4

In this episode, we conclude our conversation regarding what we each think were the best 20 albums of the ‘Grunge Era.’

Season 1: Episode 3

In this episode, we gleefully review the movie Deadpool 2, using our very scientific (not really) grading system.

Season 1: Episode 2

After our previous episode, we were inspired to look back upon the ‘Grunge Era,’ and list what we thought were the best 20 albums of that period.

Season 1: Episode 1

Our introductory episode. Following his tragic passing, we discuss Chris Cornell, his music, and its effect on us.