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    Tell us what episode grabbed your attention and brought you in!

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    Spencer Shively

    I just got done listening to Episode 6 where you guys exchange CDs (yes I’m listening out of order lol) and I gotta say the best episodes are what I call the “Discussion” episodes. So far your show has broken into 4-ish pieces: Movie Reviews, Discussions, Top 10s, and Interviews which all have their fun aspects. (Top 10s is sorta under Discussions though) This is also how I rename the files I download lol for example

    ELP 1.6 – Discussion – CD Exchange
    ELP 1.14 – Movie Review – Infinity War
    ELP 1.15 – Top 10 – TV Shows

    But for me the discussions between you two are the best episodes because we can really get a peak behind the curtain and see what really interests each of you individually and how your interests clash or align when you come together and try to share them (CD Exchange, Matthew Broderick, Comic Books.

    BEST EPISODE by far has been the Matthew Broderick episode for this reason exactly. You just kept bickering about why he was great/not good haha it was fun. Keep up the good work guys and keep the Discussion episodes coming!

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    As always, we appreciate your feedback. We are working to get other people to add their voices to yours! There are more “Discussion” episodes in the pipeline. A specific series we are working on, is examining adaptations of comic books and (comic strips) to movies, as they have appeared through the years. There will will be quite a few that most people may not realize were adaptations!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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