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    Spencer Shively

    **sorry for the long post, I just had a lot to say about TV lol**
    I have to admit, there were parts of this episode that I wanted to rip my hair out x) but that’s fine everyone has their preferences!

    I would say, Ken, you HAVE to watch Game of Thrones. Saying that main characters die every episode it a little bit of an overstatement and I think once you get a couple seasons into the show that it will fit nicely into your “dial it 20 steps down” from the amount of main character deaths lol, I promise that investing in the characters does pay off haha it’s not all for nothing.

    And Richard, the books are great too haha so don’t say “forget the books the show is actually good” haha they’re both good on their own (same goes for The Walking Dead)!! I see where you are coming from though, but these two shows in particular do a good job of using the source material to create the universe, but moving in different directions than the source material to keep it fresh and new and interesting, especially for those of us that think we know everything that will happen based on the book.

    Now that the nitpicks are out of the way: here is my Top 10, in no particular order, I’m definitely forgetting some though:

    – Doctor Who
    – Game of Thrones
    – Futurama/The Simpsons
    – Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul
    – Community
    – Spongebob (ask anyone in their 20s and if this isn’t on their list they are a liar)
    – South Park
    – Friends
    – Fargo
    – Trailer Park Boys

    Honorable Mentions:
    – Westworld
    – Mad Men
    – That 70’s Show
    – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    – Lost
    – SNL
    – 11/22/63
    – Parks and Recreation
    – Arrested Development
    – Twilight Zone and Black Mirror
    – The first like 16 seasons of America’s Next Top Model (ask Riley..)

    I already feel like I’ve left some out, but that’s inevitable.

    Some shows you guys mentioned that I think are great were The Good Place, Beavis and Butthead/King of the Hill, Chuck is GREAT. Richard: Riley is currently watching Dexter and like Ken it’s been on my list for years (as is Smallville). And I never saw Buffy, but I watched Angel every morning before school when I was a kid: never realized it was a spin off until much much later in life haha to me it was just the show that had the guy from Bones in it haha

    Ken: Unfortunately have never seen a Star Trek episode, but after listening I think I will check out Deep Space 9 so thanks for that! Richard: I saw Die Hard on TV once and it was “Yippee Ki-Yay, Melon farmer” lol I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget that! I am also adding Spartacus to my list of shows to watch!

    Thanks for the great episode guys!

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