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    Amanda Cook

    Hey, guys!

    I’m not quite finished with your movie review of End Game, but having just seen it in the theater myself, I wanted to add a different perspective on two points you’ve made so far.

    While I agree that Black Widow’s death didn’t seem to carry as much weight as Gamora’s because Black Widow hadn’t had the character development that Gamora received (I so wanted that character development), the scene with Hawkeye as he and Widow fought over who would die for the Soul Stone actually affected me immensely. Hawkeye was willing to give up his life for the possibility of his family coming back and to allow the woman he was still deeply in love with (Widow) to survive, while Black Widow was willing to give up her life to allow Hawkeye to have a life with his family, despite appearing to return his love for her. (And they must have really loved each other, because Hawkeye does in fact acquire the Soul Stone.) Widow felt she had less to lose than Hawkeye, even if the whole experiment wasn’t going to work in the end. I don’t think either of them made their decisions lightly. And the shot over Black Widow at the bottom of the cliff was almost the exact same shot used with Gamora in Infinity War, which was pretty powerful, in my opinion. They’re deaths were equally awful.

    I do agree, though, that there should have been more commentary/dialog/ANYTHING about the fact that Black Widow died besides all the male Avengers sort of hanging their heads when Hawkeye returns alone and tearful with the Soul Stone.

    Point 2: While having the huge posturing scene of all the female Avengers during the final battle did seem forced, I quietly cheered seeing all of them together in one shot, because to me, a woman, it meant these badass women were about to work together to take care of business and help Peter (or whoever had the Infinity Gauntlet at the time) across the battlefield. It’s a little thing, but it’s a thing for many people who identify as women, who have had years of movies with female characters who can’t be friends, who can’t seem to work together because of petty jealousies, or who are the token female character among a group of men (I’m looking at you, Black Widow, Gamora, et al, in their respective Marvel movies. Also, might I point out that in order to acquire the Soul Stone in either movie, it was a woman who was ultimately sacrificed?) So yeah, until there are more female led super hero movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, those of us who identify as women are going to be cheering on all the little advances on screen that we can get.

    Oh, and because I’m a cosplayer/costumer at heart, I thought the retro 70’s fashions of Peggy Carter and some of the other characters were pretty cool and refreshing in a movie saturated with CGI costume design.

    Thanks for the interesting movie discussion, guys!

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    Thank you for your comments!

    Always good to see something happening on the forums. It is often fairly quiet here, but I guess most discussion/arguing seems to happen on social media these days.

    Hopefully we will soon see some more female led productions. I just wish the little advances that we have gotten would have been a little bigger, or at the very least, done a little better. I still have this vision of that scene playing out so differently. Instead of the forced pose, we get Spider-man or whoever with the gauntlet about to face impossible odds and right before something awful happens, he is saved in this partially slo-mo way by one of the female characters. In a way that kind of both showcases their abilities as well as personality. And then as he makes his way there, one by one, we get the same thing from the others almost like lead blockers in football. I mean we sort of get it, but not really. Sigh. Probably just me. I guess we did get to see Valkyrie’s horse.

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