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    Spencer Shively

    Thanks for responding to my request, I appreciate it!

    After listening to the Vintage Phoenix interview this episode was great, especially since that is my current local comic shop and I am there once or twice a month! I definitely got the idea that Ken was much more into the actual comics, so getting your guys’ backgrounds was great.

    I got into comics pretty recently, maybe in the last 5 or 6 years, and it was in large part due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting bigger, and my best friend being really into comics (particularly Batman). He let me borrow a couple books he thought I might like, and I started to read a lot of Marvel since their movies were (are) so popular. Eventually I moved away from Marvel, got some more DC and Image stuff, and started following creators more than publishers. I also found and fell in love with Valiant which is the only publisher I do still follow religiously (Ken you may have seen them in the 90s, they were around during that big #1 boom and the company that purchased them took too big a risk on that big boom and they failed).

    I never really watched any of the animated shows like Batman, Xmen, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc as a kid but know that people love them a lot and they seem to be a big entry point for non-readers (Oh and I’m not too young to remember having to tape things on our VCR to be able to watch them later haha). A lot of these are on my “To Watch” list on streaming services because I’ve heard they are good, but I just don’t have the nostalgia attached to them that most do.

    I did however have all of the Fox Marvel movies (Xmen and F4) and the Spider-Man movies growing up, so the characters were always in my mind in some way.

    Similar to Ken, I’d say my favorite Marvel stuff has to do with cosmic side of the universe, with Silver Surfer and the Infinity Gauntlet stuff. I think I like it so much because of the far-reaching implications on the entire universe it will usually have. That’s a reason I really enjoy event stories, but they have to be put together well for them to work. On that note, I have Crisis on Infinite Earths on my bookshelf and still have yet to read it haha so thanks for the mild Spoilers haha

    These days I try to keep current on the MCU (including the shows and the Netflix shows) and I watch all of the Arrowverse CW shows because it’s the area of live-action that DC is dominating in.
    On that note I’d also say go check out “Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe” webseries because it has the same sort of feel as the CW DC shows, but it is the first-ever live-adaptation of characters from the Valiant Universe (mentioned earlier as the only publisher I still follow)

    Anyways, thanks for the episode guys. I think the new mics sound great and love the direction that the show is taking. I can’t wait for your episodes about the comic movies from different eras, that should be a lot of fun to dive into! Keep up the great work!

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