Podcast Changes…

Updated – 11/17/2018

The new podcast feed for ‘Ken’s Movie Reviews’ is now operational, and all of Ken’s individual reviews have been moved over. The new feed is available through Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes.

The links for the main ‘Everybody Loves Pudding’ feed have not changed.


We have realized that due to a difference in how some of the streaming services view the podcast feed that Ken’s Movie Reviews have been showing up as a 2nd Season for the main podcast, when really, they are not.

So, later this week, on Wednesday, November 14th, we will be making the correction to make sure that the episodes are properly separated. This will mean that the Everybody Loves Pudding feed will only contain the episodes that have been labeled Season 1, and the solo reviews that Ken has been doing will now be under a new feed for Ken’s Movie Reviews.

As soon as we have that all sorted, we will post the feed information for the movie review series.