Season 1: Episode 29

Our guest this episode has been in many favorite films and television shows! You may know him as Dr. Leslie Berkowitz on One Day at a Time or Principal Ball on The Goldbergs or Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day. We have a wonderful conversation with a wonderful guy, Stephen Tobolowsky!

Season 1: Episode 28

In this episode, we will be reviewing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Warning: Our opinions may change by the end of the episode considering our Mercurial nature.

Season 1: Episode 13

This episode was originally going to be released as the 4th in the series; however, plans changed – and so we bring it to you now. This time, we discuss our top 10 favorite bands either comprised entirely of, or led by, women.

Season 1: Episode 8

We share highlights of several of the concerts that we have each attended over the years. Some high, some low, all interesting – We hope!

Season 1: Episode 6

Join us for an experiment! We gave each other a CD from one of our own personal favorite bands that the other person had not heard before. Did Candlebox or Gwar find a new fan? Listen and find out!

Season 1: Episode 5

Today, we sit down with David Kubiak, the owner of The Bluebird (downtown Bloomington, Indiana), and get a little ‘slice of life’ from the perspective of a club owner.

Season 1: Episode 4

In this episode, we conclude our conversation regarding what we each think were the best 20 albums of the ‘Grunge Era.’

Season 1: Episode 2

After our previous episode, we were inspired to look back upon the ‘Grunge Era,’ and list what we thought were the best 20 albums of that period.

Season 1: Episode 1

Our introductory episode. Following his tragic passing, we discuss Chris Cornell, his music, and its effect on us.