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Prose And Cons

Report from Who’s Yer Con

It’s a new week, so time for a new installment!  This week we will be talking about another slightly smaller convention.  It was my pleasure recently to attend Who’s Yer Con for the first time.  As always, the following description is true about the iteration of the convention I attended in 2019 and may change over time!

Wizard World Cleveland part 2

In the previous installment I went over the basics of what Wizard World Cleveland was and what it offered.  In this entry, I want to illuminate more what the experience was like. Most of this is tied to the convention itself, but some is tied to its location and the accommodations.

Wizard World Cleveland part 1

Our first entry in this blog dealt with a slightly smaller convention.  For those feeling the need for something a little bit larger, you might consider sinking your teeth into Wizard World Cleveland!  It is important to note that the description herein is only for the Cleveland event as Wizard World has several events in different cities.  Also, this is for 2019 only.  Conventions change over time, so what is true this year may not be true the next, but I am sure you all already knew that!